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Don’t trust just anyone with your home or your business. We offer the best power washing and window cleaning services around. Still not convinced? Check out our customer reviews at the very bottom of this page!Designing a cleaning rig that could that clean the Hearst Tower took the engineers at Tractel-Swingstage three years (and around $3 million); the company’s vice-president of engineering had never seen anything like what Foster and Partners’ called the building’s «bird’s mouths.»

3) A building’s size is measured, for cleaning, in «drops»?»a single vertical section of the facade running from the roof to the lowest point the basket can descend.» That lowest point might be a setback or other architectural feature, or it might be the ground.

4) The city’s first scaffolding for window cleaning was built in 1952 and used to clean Park Avenue’s Lever House.

5) Because of the way they move, most window cleaners will end up leaving a «signature» on the window glass.

6) Cleaning the windows of Manhattan skyscrapers takes a long time: «One days’ work on an average drop takes around four hours; given good wather it, it takes a month to clean the whole [Hearst] tower from top to bottom. Work on larger skyscrapers in the city takes much longer: a single cleaning cycle on the eighty-story black glass curtain walls of the Time Warner Center, where the central ‘canyon drop’ alone descends seven hundred feet, from the roof to the fourth-floor setback, can take six men four months.»